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Brian & Chris Satterlee            Brian & Chris Satterlee
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Why Join SplashPlan?

SplashPlan is about network marketing... but it is not a network marketing program.

Are you frustrated promoting your network marketing opportunity through ineffective meetings? Does your network marketing company tie your hands behind your back by preventing you from promoting your program online? Are you simply not getting enough leads? SplashPlan is the answer to your problems!

SplashPlan gives you a platform to promote yourself and your opportunity to existing network marketing professionals. You create relationships with people who aready know and like network marketing. No need to sell the dream, your prospects are already living it!

SplashPlan reveals your network marketing opportunity only after your prospect registers with the site. The network marketing company name is hidden publicly, avoiding compliance issues.

SplashPlan allows you to earn current income while you build your downline. You can earn from your prospects even when they choose not to join your program!

SplashPlan provides top-quality training to you and your downline. Most training is free! Members also communicate with each other via online forums. Have a question? Just ask!

Don't have a network marketing program? No problem! You can check out your sponsor's program and sign up under them if you like... or do your own research and pick a different program. It's up to you!

By the way, SplashPlan is FREE to join! No cost, no obligation. Why not jump in now and get started?'s main benefits in a nutshell:

  • Get fresh leads by promoting your site
  • Free and low-cost training for you and your downline
  • Make money from those who don't sign up in your network marketing program
  • Daily reminders of things to do to build your business
  • Network marketing program is kept private to avoid compliance issues
  • Downline list and statistics for feedback
  • Membership is FREE... forever
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